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Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Michael Schenker Group Wrecking Ball
2. Halestorm Back from the Dead
3. Ben Hemming Living on death row
4. Black Eye The Hurricane
5. The Waterboys The liar
6. Thunder The Dead City
7. Delbert McClinton Ain't that lovin' you
8. Bobby Stoker Shot in the dark
9. Brunhilde Excerpts from Psalm 27/Son of a gun (Album der Sendung "27 - Twenty Seven" im Bereich Rock)
10. Brunhilde Friendly Fire (Album der Sendung "27 - Twenty Seven" im Bereich Rock)
11. WUCAN Don't break the Oath
12. The Black Skeleton Total Control
13. T. G. Copperfield The Valley
14. Days of Wine Seven Days
15. Craig Finn Never any horses
16. Kenny Neal Louise Ana
17. Squared Personal Matter
18. Skills Need to fall
19. Bruce Hornsby Is this it
20. Aaron Raitiere Tell me something true
21. Coreleoni Would you love me
Diggin'! ... deep into Jazz, Blues, Soul & Rock.
Moderation: Gerd Rudel Musikauswahl: Gerd Rudel
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1. Duke Ellington Money Jungle
2. Charles Mingus Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting
3. Charles Mingus Eat That Chicken
4. The Quintet Wee
5. Charles Mingus Boogie Stop Shuffle
6. Charles Mingus Solo Dancer
7. Charles Mingus Remember Rockefeller at Attica
8. Charles Mingus Three Or Four Shades Of Blue
Blues Home / Banjo & Fiddle
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl:
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1. Kenny Neal Blues keep chasing me
2. Dana Fuchs Last to know
3. Son House Empire State Express
4. Cedric Burnside You really love me
5. The Rolling Stones Shake your Hips
6. John Lee Hooker mit Memphis Slim, T-Bone Walker, Willie Dixon und Jump Jackson Shake it Baby (American Folk Blues Festival 1962)
7. John Lee Hooker mit Memphis Slim, T-Bone Walker, Willie Dixon und Jump Jackson The Right Time (American Folk Blues Festival 1962)
8. Shakey Jake mit Memphis Slim, T-Bone Walker, Willie Dixon und Jump Jackson Hey Baby (American Folk Blues Festival 1962)
9. Martin Philippi Blues Band Hey Baby Hey
10. Martin Philippi Blues Band Lonesome Road Blues
11. Martin Philippi Blues Band Irene, Good Night
12. The Fabulous Thunderbirds Twist of knife
13. Sony Terry & Brownie McGhee John Henry
14. Tony Holiday's Porch Sessions Recipe for Love (feat. Bobby Rush)
15. Blues & Loose Tramp
16. Karussell Mein Bruder Blues
17. Sue Foley Two Bit Texas Town
18. Dana Fuchs Hard Road
19. Kenny Neal Someone somewhere
20. Hans Theessink & Terry Evans You can't judge a book by the cover
21. Cedric Burnside Hands off that Girl
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Lou Siffer and the Howling Demons Too old to die young
2. Blended Brew Ancient Alien
3. We could built an Empire All in this together
4. Rock Hard Power Spray Catch the fruit
5. Gringos Locos Guts
6. Lucer Living on the line
7. Fate If not for the devil
8. Bite the Bullet Black Cat
9. Tainted Lady Ampburner
10. St. Prostitute Scream
11. Michael Monroe Dead, Jail or Rock'n'Roll
12. Junkyard Drive Stone cold Lady
13. Black Oak Country Watch your back
14. Franklin Zoo The Chameleon
15. Freddy and the Phantoms The Roadman
16. Killer Bee From Hell and Back
17. Silver End A thousand Miles
18. Souls of Tide She's dead
19. Blended Brew Woman I need you
20. The Boy that got away Waiting
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. flawless issues turn your big brain on
2. bodi bill close
3. odeville feat. matze rossi stille
4. sind weisst du
5. sind karlshorst
6. kakkmaddafakka baby, nothing compares
7. porridge radio Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky
8. porridge radio U Can Be Happy If U Want To
9. zement seine
10. muff potter ich will nicht mehr mein sklave sein
11. muff potter vom streichholz und den motten
12. sex bomb omb we are sex bob-omb
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. gustavo yashimura coca kintucha + pucuysito
2. danger mouse & black thought no gold teeth
3. dawuna bad karma
4. lalalar ceketini al yoluna bak
5. lexie caroll we´re not lonely anymore
6. lou hazel claude the armadillo
7. rockers all stars knocking version
8. pepe. siedem feat. paulina przybysz
9. slut are we bored my dear
10. sohn figureskating, neusiedlersee
11. the christian family baby wants more
12. wilma vritra every evening
13. wolfgang tilmanns insanely alive (pet shop boys radio edit)
14. your cousin avi pistachio
15. jose gonzales sofia kourtesis remix)
Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. daniel villareal parque en seis
2. toro y moi postman
3. the soft pink truth gender studies
4. zayaendo a sparkle to your eyes
5. j.rocc l.a. anthem
6. angela aux alien porridge
7. Playlist
8. Playlist
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. H. Renié Trio f. Violine, Cello u. Harfe (um 1901)
2. M. Tournier Suite f. Flöte, Harfe u. Streichtrio op. 34 (1929)
3. J. Ibert Trio f. Violine, Cello u. Harfe (1944)
4. J. Ibert Divertissement f. Kammerorchester (1929)
5. A. Caplet Deux Divertissements f. Harfe (1923)
6. A. Caplet Septett f. Streichquartett u. Frauenstimmen (1909)
7. G. Pierne Concertstück f. Harfe u. Orchester (1903)
Moderation: Crystal Musikauswahl: Crystal
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1. Shuga Dear Mr. Government
2. Treesha Working for A $ (Raggamuffin Remix)
3. Lion D x Capleton x Gaudi x Bizzari Warning
4. Black I Am x Kabaka Pyramid Jah In My Corner
5. Ginjah Love Will Reign Again
6. Slashe I´ll Be On The Train
7. Shuga Don´t Make A Sound
8. Thrilla U Pocket Friends
9. Naomi Cowan The Voice
10. Jaz Elise Gratitude
11. Martei Korley IpoRas Anthem
12. SlyMan Fyah Everyday
13. Alpha Blondy & Solar System Pompier Pyromane
14. Bomboro Kosso L`historie Se Répète
15. Sista Ouly Akh Ak Yeelef
16. Diarra Jah Même Scénario
17. Mighty Diamonds Party Time
18. Mighty Diamonds Putting On The Ritz
19. Mighty Diamonds Right Time
20. Mighty Diamonds Pass The Knowledge
21. Mighty Diamonds Pass The Kutchie
22. Mighty Diamonds Sensemilla
23. Mighty Diamonds Let Jah Sun Shine
24. Mighty Diamonds Keep On Moving
25. Mighty Diamonds Africa
26. Mighty Diamonds Jah Jah Bless The Dreadlocks
27. Mighty Diamonds Shame And Pride
28. Mighty Diamonds Just Can´t Figure Out
29. Mighty Diamonds Ghetto Living
30. Mighty Diamonds (This is) Party Time
31. John Holt Ghetto Queen
32. Dean Fraser & Ernie Ranglin ft Big Youth De Ranglin
33. Dean Fraser & Ernie Ranglin Joshua
Limbo Rhythm
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. Arms and Sleepers Falling For You DXFXWXU Collective
2. Maxwell Owin & Xenia Manasseh Probably Never (feat. Joe Armon-Jones) Extra Soul Perception
3. Children Of Zeus No Love Song First Word Records
4. Emancipator & Cloudchord Tahitian Blues Loci Records
5. BudaMunk & J.Lamotta Eyes To The Skies Jakarta Records
6. FloFilz Seaside Dreams (feat. Hunter Rose) Melting Pot Music
7. FloFilz Ajar Melting Pot Music
8. Don Leisure Regency First Word Records
9. Atmosphere Crumbs (feat. Evidence & Muja Messiah) Rhymesayers Entertainment
10. Atmosphere Something Rhymesayers Entertainment
11. Unison Remember When Twirled Things Music
12. Unison Vinyl Love (feat. Mono:Massive & DJ Crum) Twirled Things Music
13. Mined Music Sweet Escape (feat. Miss Geist, Keybeaux, Cleva Thoughts & Dara Zusko) Beat Art Department
14. Lynda Dawn (feat. BesKept) Roses (XL Middleton Version) Extra Soul Perception
15. Sam Redmore (feat. Lumi HD) Party (Buscrates Funked Up Mix) Jalapeno Records
16. Erin Buku Humble (Original Mix) Hopestreet Recordings
17. M.W. Lion Major Healing (feat. N'gone) Herzog Records
18. M.W. Lion Can't Take My Eyes Of You (feat. Yasmin K. & Redchild) Herzog Records
19. Tanika Charles Rent Free Record Kicks
20. Ghostface Killah After The Smoke Is Clear (feat. Raekwon, RZA & The Delphonics) Legacy Recordings
21. mtbrd Lost In Translation Cold Busted
22. Bluestaeb Tibbe Jakarta Records
23. Bluestaeb The Roses (feat. Louis VI) Jakarta Records
24. Inkswel pres. The Snaglepuss (feat. Kylie Auldist & N'fa Jones) New Day (Original Mix) Cosmocities Records
25. Future Hope (Original Mix) Worm Discs
26. Fort Knox Five & Lazy Syrup Orchestra Start The Ride (Original Mix) Fort Knox Recordings
27. Vested Soul Vibin' Super Hi-Fi Recordings
28. Werkha May Day (feat. Chunky) First Word Records
29. Andrew Rothschild Chasing Wisps (Verdance Remix) Loci Records
30. Werkha Move Different First Word Records
31. Tush Don't Be Afraid (Herbert's Solstice Remix) Do Right! Music
32. Groove Chronicles Inside Stepping (Brokenstep Mix) CoOp Presents
33. EVM128 Bun Dat (Original Mix) CoOp Presents
34. LCSM (Likwid Continual Space Motion) Frequency (Cengiz Remix) CoOp Presents
35. Nathalie Duchene I Don't Need Nobody (Carl Chaste Remix) Toy Tonics
36. Risa T No Sleep CoOp Presents
37. Groove Chronicles Joy (Brokenstep Mix) CoOp Presents
38. Galathea Samba De Sausalito (The Invisible Session Rework) Space Echo Records
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Trouble The Wish
2. Curved Air Metamorphosis
3. Klaus Schulze Quae simplex
4. The Derek Trucks Band Sahib Teri Bandi/Maki Madni
5. Motorpsycho Un chien despace
6. Der neue Planet Heavy Dream Prog
7. Mahavishnu Orchestra Hymn to him
8. Genesis Home by the sea / Second home by the sea
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Special Interest (Herman's) House
2. Liars Mr Your on Fire Mr
3. Porridge Radio Birthday Party
4. Zola Jesus Lost
5. Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena - Altar of Tammy
6. Marina Herlop miu
7. Matmos Flight to Sodom / Lot do Salo
8. Model Home naked intentions (feat. Phew)
9. Phelimuncasi I Don't Feel My Legs
10. JOYFULTALK Body Stone
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Specimen Play prey (zum Tod von Olli Wisdom)
2. Tangier Southbound Train (zum Tod von Gari Saint)
3. Blanc Faces I swear to you (zum Tod von Brian LeBlanc)
4. Poco Heart of the night (zum Tod von Paul Cotton)
5. Razzy Bailey Midnight Hauler (zum Tod von Razzy Bailey)
6. Little Richard Keep-a-knockin' (zum Tod von Charles Connor)
7. James Brown Don't let it happen to me (zum Tod von Charles Connor)
8. Bill Haley & His Comets Rock around the clock (zum Tod von Joey Ambrose)
9. Jodimars Eat your heart out, Annie (zum Tod von Joey Ambrose)
10. The Amboy Dukes Psalms of aftermath (zum Tod von John Drake)
11. UB40 Food for thought (zum Tod von Brian Travers)
12. Derrel Scott, Danny Thompson und Kenny Malone River take me (zum Tod von Kenny Malone)
13. Derrel Scott, Danny Thompson und Kenny Malone Helen of Troy, PA (zum Tod von Kenny Malone)
14. Iron Butterfly In-a-gadda-da-vida (zum Tod von Ron Bushy)
15. Everly Brothers Bye bye love (zum Tod von Don Everly)
16. Everly Brothers On the wings of a nightingale (zum Tod von Don Everly)
17. Everly Brothers When I will be loved (zum Tod von Don Everly)
18. Trouble Pray for the dead (zum Tod von Eric Wagner)
19. Nancy Griffith Tecumseh Valley (zum Tod von Nancy Griffith)
20. Tom T. Hall That's how I got to Memphis (zum Tod von Tom T. Hall)
Moderation: martin vetter Musikauswahl: martin vetter
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1. Kamasi Washington Can You Hear Him
2. Lena Stoehrfaktor Runde Eins
3. Danger Mouse & Black Thought No Gold Teeth
4. Massive Attack One Love
5. Kaytranada Track Uno
6. LCD Soundsystem American Dream
7. Ezra Furman Forever in Sunset
8. Mitski Stay Soft
9. The La's Doledrum
10. Shilpa Ray Bootlickers of the Patriarchy
11. Viagra Boys Troglodyte
12. Melt Yourself Down Pray for Me I Don't Fit In
13. black midi Welcome to Hell
14. Neutral Milk Hotel Holland, 1945
Musikauswahl: martin vetter
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1. Playlist
2. Playlist
3. Playlist
4. Playlist
5. Playlist
6. Playlist
7. Playlist
8. The Roots Sweetback (Au Natural) (Instrumental)
9. The Afghan Whigs The Getaway
10. Nun flog Dr. Bert Rabe Ein andermal
11. Ellie Benn Start Living
12. Nobutthefrog King & Queen
13. Injury Reserve Jailbreak the Tesla (feat. Aminé)
14. Ala Cya Ocean
15. Rats on Rafts Part One: The Long Drought
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. scotch rolex omuzira feat. mc yallah
2. afrorack cowbell
3. still. jahcity tukikole nawe feat. omutaba
4. swordman kitala x sekelembele split moto nyama
5. ecko bazz teli
6. mc yallah x debmaster kubali
7. scratcha dva whoo hoo (menzi remix)
8. villaelvin door 2 porte parole
9. swordman kitala malanga ja
10. adw: phelimuncasi uyaphi wenano
11. rey sapienz dancehall pigme
12. don zilla moving space
13. chrisman lamuka
14. de schuurman nu ga je dansen
15. albert bisaso ssempeke & band as the lyres, fiddles and drums ensemble akasozi bamunanika keyagaza
16. nihiloxica dubugwanjuba
17. metal preyers peppa
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1. tristan arp pressure
2. angela aux alien porridge
3. akin richards & the execuives afrikana disco
4. the millenium it won´t be always the same
5. bill callahan protest song
6. tirzah basic need
7. beisspony malt & heavy beats
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. The Smile Skrting On The Surface XL Rec
2. Wet Leg Ur Mum Domino
3. Ojeras De Damita May Your Heart Dance Forever Underwater Computing
4. Laure Boer (V.A. - For The Lack Of Better Words - A Compilation In Solidarity With The People Of Ukraine) Le temps s epuise Otomatik Muziek
5. Tintin Patrone Yeast Stoffe
6. Phelimuncasi Maka Nana Nyege Nyege Tapes
7. UNIIQU3 (V.A. - Do What You Want Forever 10 Years of Local Action) Microdosing Local Action
8. Elli Form Neurok Chapelle XIV
9. Thub El Hombre Caiman Folcore
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1. Chamberlain The Abstract Truth
2. Peter Piek Wait a Minute
3. Nouvelle Vague A Forrest
4. A Tale Of Golden Keys Deep In The Woods
5. Zsüd Glass Ceiling
6. Frankie Cosmos Ring On A Tree
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1. Dives Ego
2. C. Duncan Bell Toll
3. Anna of the North Meteorite
4. Day Waver Loner
5. black midi welcome to hell
6. CHAI Surprise
7. Bear's Den Blue Hours
8. Ducks on Speed So viel Liebe
9. Friska Viljor All These Fears
10. Die Nerven Europa
11. Anna Calvi All The Tired Horses
12. BSI Jelly Belly
13. Chrurch Girls Telepathic Mind
14. Bloc Party Traps